How To Make Mobile App Startups More Accessible And Successful?
  • 08 Aug 2018
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How To Make Mobile App Startups More Accessible And Successful?

How can a mobile app startup make the profit while, at the same time, the number of free apps in the market continues to grow?

There is an app in for everything today from senseless game apps that can read your hand lines, tell you about your relationship status and even to tell the face of your future baby. Smartphones and tablets are outselling computers over three times and there is no sign of this changing. So, if anyone who is running an online must consider a mobile experience and this is the reason why mobile applications are in high demand. The most important reason for making an app is the Responsive Design for the users, which means, the ease of using the services as per customer’s feasibility.

Nowadays there is a huge competition in the market for mobile application development. So, to make your startup more accessible and successful you need to stand out in the market.

Remembrance of Customer’s point:

The basic and the most important thing that should be kept in mind is the customer’s perspective while making any application. This approach is taken by the established and with the help of their market research team which is quite difficult for the startups to do, so in that case, you can put yourself in the place of customer and can explore what else changes does it need to make it more better than the previous one. The reason it is considered the most important step because-

“It is the app discovery stage that decides the survival ability of the app”

Right platform and Features:

After you are clear with the customer’s perspective, you need to decide your app features and right platform. The features you will decide will be the identity of your app because this is something that can attract your customer and increase the usability and accessibility. The aesthetics and appearances of the app work differently on different platforms. So, there should be a detailed study of the specific platform like how it works and the specific parameters that can make the application work more appropriate. The next most integral part of providing an excellent experience to the users is choosing the right feature to be included in the application itself, with good content and excellent user interface, because if the application does not have the basic features and the user will never think twice before uninstalling the app.

Offline Friendliness:

Now is the new trend in the development of mobile applications that are getting the attention of both companies and developers. It is the way your application behaves when there is no Internet connection available. If an application works without Internet and the user can still get his/her work done from the application then it a very important reason that can make the user stick to that application and it is being considered as a huge success these days.

Simplicity as Smartphones:

As we all know that smartphones are the sensation. From a toddler to an old person, everyone can use the smartphone and the reason behind this is the simplicity of the features of the phone and user-friendly interface. Make your applications simple so that it can be used by the user of all ages. Making application simply doesn’t mean to use the same old features with which the users are already aware, simplicity means to make users understand the new and unique functioning of application with easy to use interface.


Ads and Banners:

Now the most important thing that every startup should take care while developing the application is To Keep the Ads very limited. Try to avoid the overuse of ads and banners. It irritates the user and the user will delete the application at the very moment when he/she gets any bothering experience from the ads and banners.

Customized design:

As we all know that, there are two leading operating systems in the market i.e., Android and iOS. So this is very essential to design your application as per both the operating systems because both of them have different policies and terms and conditions.

ASO & SEO Friendly: 

In order to get the top position in the online market where your application has to compete with thousands of applications, your application needs something out of the box to get noticed and downloaded. This can be done by the support of Search Engine Operation (SEO) and Application Optimization (ASO) that can increase the visibility of newer mobile applications.


One App for One Reason:

Keep your application focused on a single problem. The application that is made for only one single reason and does that in an expert manner is more attractive than an application giving average support for multiple problems. In that case, the user can never get the satisfactory output and experience from your application.

Check out new OS updates:

Be it Android or iOS, updates are important. You should always be aware of the new updates that are being launched. Sometimes a single update can change the entire landscape of the application and if your application does not meet the updated requirement it would be a big issue. If you and your application both are updated with the latest changes then there is every chance that your success can get damaged.

Test Properly:

Testing your application in each and every platform is very essential for the success of the application. Ironing out the bugs by running your application through a variety of device simulators can help in saving time and help exponentially to achieve success your application and improving the experience.