Why Geo Location in Your App is Required Feature
  • 02 Oct 2018
  • Admin

Why Geo Location in Your App is Required Feature

In the vicinity of our surrounding, there are numerous technologies which have plunged us to an extent that we cannot even think of our lives and to cherish the success and each and every special moment of our life without the very existence of mobile app technology.
however, it is a quite squalid aspect which further edicts that not all the mobile apps are relished by the targeted audience that is meant to.
The reason behind this is just that, these apps don't provide the complete spectrum of the assistance to the users, making them feel their app like a waste, it gets dumped from their smartphone dynasty in no time.

Why should you integrate Geo-Location into your App?
Initially, people were not convinced with an integration of Geo-location into the mobile apps, but this very technology is very convenient to estimate the user's current location if the sure is connected to the internet, which opens the floodgate of ingenious ideas to swirl more revenue from the application.
By determining the location of the device the app can experience the surplus of opportunities form the marketing perspective and give a new interaction mode to the users to speak with your services elegantly.

How does it work?
The mobile apps of any genre can create different segment if integrated itself with the geolocation with which the user can know about the weather alert system, location-based promotion or livestock tracker. It also provides the facility to the targeted users to know what is currently going on in their vicinity.
The apps which support the Geo-location feature are based on a coherent connection between the device and the satellite, which further gathers the data in real time. With this feature, users can determine the behavior of a moving object or an individual. These new technologies Wi-Fi, Geofencing, Cell ID, and GPS can be a part of this technology to help your app gather the data.
With the Wi-Fi technology, users can scrutinize the accurate location of the device as set side by side to other sources; with the help of RSSI, which scour the users’ frequently visited places over the Wi-Fi network.
Geo-fencing technology determines whether the device is closer to the specific place or not, and then yield the result based on the device’s indoor and outdoor presence.
The cell towers also determine the location of the device, if the GPS server gets down.

Why is this integration getting popular?
The acceptance of the location-based mobile apps is growing HUGE with time, as these apps, not just offer the services but also give the updates to the users when they require it most. In the current situation, there are various app genres which are taking the benefits from the Geo-location feature integration in their app.
There is a glut of app categories to include such as navigation, Google Maps, etc. and surprisingly this feature is not limited to taxi or weather, but social media, on-demand services, dating, fitness, fashion, restaurant, and travel are some of the apps which integrate this feature.