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Volan Software & Technology is one of the best services provider company across India in IT Sector. We deal in web design & development, mobile application development, SEO, Software testing, ERP and many more areas. In these all field we provide excellent services with complete control. Volan Software & Technology is a custom web design and custom web programming company that provides premium quality solutions for website design, cloud programming graphic design, e-commerce website design, static website design, dynamic website design, flash website design, and hosting to all industries.

Our vast experience in website design, website development and web programming aims in delivering high quality websites at affordable rates.We always try to give fully satisfaction to our customers with our best and time quality services. Our web programmers are expert in developing website.We can also create custom web applications built to your specifications. We have developed a number of versatile websites. Web Services SEO Services Web Designing Web Development Software Development

Web Designing

Volan Software & Technology is a Website Design, Development and Promotion Company that provides affordable CRM, B2B, B2C and Ecommerce Development Solutions in India. With the team of dedicated professionals, we just don't build websites but we empower them to become the best source of generating revenue. Our Online Marketing team ensures that any website completed is fully Search Engine Optimized helping in bringing actual traffic to your new site. With the excellent In-house team of professionals have been providing services to its clients all across the globe, building trust and satisfied customers.

As an established Website Development Company we offer a wide range of Professional Website Designs and flash website designs which not only appeal to your online audiences but are also delivered timely. We have the knowledge and expertise which help our clients excel in this competitive online world. We are passionate about our work and walk an extra mile to deliver satisfaction at your doorstep. Our work is wrapped in creativity and is lubricated with innovation and conventional technology. Our team has the skill set to conceptualize your ideas to present you with aesthetically appealing and functional website within the stipulated time frame.

We believe that the success can be achieved only through satisfied clientele and referrals from them. Therefore, we continuously strive to keep an open line for communication, where the clients can have 'one on one' session with our in house team to know the progress of their projects.

Software Development

Businesses today need integrated, flexible, responsive and comprehensive applications to support the complete range of business processes. The ability to process, store and access data is powering e-Business today. Information must be available anywhere, anytime and from any device. The need for instant access makes client-server applications and n-tier architecture key in the operation of businesses.

Volan Software & Technology specializes in the development of quality client-server applications with user-friendly interfaces. Depending on your business requirements, our analysts and developers will create dynamic web-enabled applications and systems.

Your employees, customers and suppliers require data access which is secure, fast and reliable. Your business needs comprehensive applications which are secure and easy to maintain. When upgrading or building your system, Volan Software & Technology considers all of your requirements to create a dependable, innovative product.

Why do you need to switch from your existing system?

  • applications were developed to model vertical applications
  • applications were built in isolation
  • applications were implemented as monolithic systems
  • applications were complex

Volan Software & Technology will correct the weaknesses of your system. Special emphasis will be given to the user providing greater latitude in choosing design. Software will have more flexibility to create appealing, innovative and easily customized programs. VST uses structured methodologies and proven IT processes to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with client-server development.

Volan Software & Technology has expertise in a wide variety of the newest programming language tools and platforms designed for client-server applications. The expert technical team will ensure client-server products and services which exceed your expectations.

Most businesses have existing systems based on older technology which must be incorporated into the new, integrated environment. The only answer to the question "why build client-server applications?" is "because the business demands the increased benefits."

Search Engine Optimization

Most companies love to play with this concept. And most companies that do, get it wrong! The focus of SEO should be about quality of traffic and not quantity. The focus should be on increasing sales and conversions. If you are a financial media company and you receive a whole lot of clicks from folks looking for frying pans, it’s quite useless. This is irrelevant traffic and your SEO efforts are producing results but might not generate revenues.

Sometime SEO can become an ethical debate. There are many SEO specialists who guarantee top search engine rankings. Some of these self proclaimed specialists or gurus use SEO techniques that can do more harm than help. This style of SEO is also referred to as "Black Hat SEO." Although there is no clear definition of what is allowed and what is not, the following can clearly be classified as unethical and wrong.

Social Media Optimization

Social media has grown exponentially over the past few years. Online marketers are now capitalizing this platform to get their message across. Social media optimization uses the publicity technique on social media sites and online communities to enhance visibility. In short, find where your customers are networking and connect with them on those social media platforms. For example - If your target market is in the age group of 25 – 40 internet savvy users, it might be time you start taking a look at Facebook, MySPace etc. If you are planning to market in India, Orkut cannot be ignored.

If you're looking for a magic formula to increase traffic and revenue, there isn't one. But if you’re wondering what clicks, the answer is continuity and consistency. Onetime effort or a short-term focus just would not work. As I mentioned earlier objective is to generate leads and increase revenue not to have random traffic coming to the site. Also, what helps is to keep reading good articles about these concepts. And, of course, a little bit of luck won't do any harm!!

Pay Per Click

A pay per click campaign is a form of advertising on the Internet. These advertisements could appear on search engines, websites and blogs and/or advertising networks. The main advantages of PPC are that it focuses on relevance of traffic and that you need to pay only if a user clicks on the advertisement. This is a huge topic in itself; important thing about PPC is keyword research and identifying the keywords that will be used and creating an Ad-Copy/ Banner that gets noticed.

Android App Development

Android is the mobile operating system running on the Linux Kernel. We are developing Android Applications from Android SDK 1.1 to Android 2.0

  • Location-based Android mobile application development using Google Maps and GPS based navigation
  • Social networking-based Android mobile application development
  • Mashing location based and social community contacts data
  • Location based mobile advertising and Point of Interest search
  • Live video content downloader and player
  • Framework to automate the JavaMe to Android conversion

Embedded Solutions

Our solutions help you to take your business to the next level through technical innovation enabling new revenue streams.

Best for Business IT Services. Your E-Business is our job!