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Why You Should Choose Volan Software & Technology?

Volan Software & Technology is a premier IT solution Provider Company located in India with our core activities related into online web application development, mobile application development as well as software development. We have a highly skilled team of 30+ skilled developers providing our remarkable service for our client to help us take you to satisfactory services. It is an innovative business driven firm working with a strong professional background marching ahead under the excellent leadership of Mrs. Poonam Soni (CEO).

Volan Software & Technology specialize in Internet technologies and have skills and experience in programming for UNIX, Windows platforms and Mobile Application. Whatever your requirement may be, whether a simple website, mobile application or an interactive e-Business portal, Intranet or custom application, we at http://www.volansoft.com provide the perfect solution in your preferred technology platform, to both realistic timeframes and budgets.

When you choose Volan Software & Technology to develop your website, website design or mobile application, we give you unbeatable quality and value.

We believe that there are many reasons why you should choose us for your next web development and/or online marketing project. We have outlined the most important reasons below.

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  • Infrastructure Volan Software & Technology has its Strategic Development Lab at Jaipur, india with most modern infrastructure.
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  • Resources Volan Software & Technology has well educated and highly experienced large pool of software developers, web developers and mobile application developers. The team of expert developers understand client need better and delivers it accordingly.
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  • Price We develop project at an affordable cost. Once development is over, we give free installation and 1 Year free support to our clients.
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  • Communication During the development, our developers will be online through Skype and other tools, so that customers can communicate with developers directly. This always helps customers to get satisfactory services as per their requirements. In addition to this customers can also communicate with developers over phone.
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  • Development Team Normally project development is divided in small modules that can be developed parallel by different team. This helps us to reduce development time of the project. During each stage of development tester also test project to make sure the quality of project we develop.
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  • Confidentiality We are always willing to sign NDA with our customers. In addition to this, there will be a separate NDA between company and employees working on the project. This helps us to protect confidential information of our client.
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  • Design The main point of the creative design element is to present an appealing image that attracts visitors and promotes the company or organization’s brand. Our web design ethics are based on the promise that a good, professional website should be focused and stylish but with a clear message; effective whilst affordable and avoiding over indulgence in clever effects and technical wizardry. Our designs are done by professionals in the field, all having experience of more than 4 to 5 years in multi-skilled technologies. We have a strong HTML5 /HTML / DHTML / CSS / XML / XSL knowledge and experience, which we consider, would be an additional advantage and will definitely help designing the pages with an XHTML/HTML 5 blending. HTML5 is a new trend in the Internet web design arena helping to design pages compatible for different browser technologies.
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  • Expertise in both Mobile Application and Web Based Application Now a day’s Mobile phones are now working as pocket fit PC. Voan Software & Technology can develop both Mobile Applications and Web Based Application without any hassle.
  • 9
  • Open Source Volan Software & Technology is equally skilled in developing both mobile application and web application. We also have many years of experience in developing application using various Open Source Development (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, OSCommerce, Sympony, Facebook Applications, X-Cart, Zen Cart etc). This help us to develop and deliver cost effective application in least possible time.
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  • Development Structure: We make use of our own developed MVC structure for coding. We follow a three-tier design architecture. Designing your application in layers or tiers, is useful for many different reasons. In a multiple tier design, each tier can be run as a separate machine, allowing for improved processing performance. Efficient layering can give structure to your application, promote scalability, and ease long-term maintenance requirements for your code. We do use our own developed MVC (Model, View, Controller) structure to develop project. MVC structure helps to keep each module of the project as individual entity and makes easy to make any modification on any particular page or module. Database transaction is done through the Model structure, which represent different tables in the database as individual entity and helps to relate them easily, which brings RAPIDITY in RDBM System.
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  • SEO Friendly Sites We always design and program websites that are more search engine friendly and we get your page ranked high. In order to get more visibility in search engines, we make use of mode rewrite functionality of Apache to achieve search engine friendly static URL for almost all the pages in the site. Almost all the pages would be with .html extension and without any visible arguments passed through the URL. Quick download times. Effective "behind the page" information coordinated with your pages' content, in order to help your rankings with the major search engines.
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  • Consultation You can benefit from our free, no obligation consultation! Our free consultation is our chance to listen to your project vision and to share with you numerous considerations. It is important to us that the projects we develop accurately reflect the vision you have, so we take this opportunity to ask several questions to get the clearest picture possible of your project.
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  • Back Office Panel Our back office admin panel will be secure and with option to add different permission level based on the privileges allotted by the super admin. This will help to assign and abstract individual task(s) from each other.
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