Firebase: An Asset for App Development
  • 07 Feb 2019
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Firebase: An Asset for App Development

We build an app, launch it in the market, you get users for your app but you cannot judge the reason behind the action of uninstallation of your app.

This some of the common piece of the topic with which you can related and can jitter the same feeling. May be you had also faced the same thing or still facing it but couldn’t get any answer for that and to make it more worse you can’t even get the evidence bugged.

Ever wondered that you could get the answers of all of the queries roaming in your mind and can spot the crack and you can make your app better by fixing it?


Let’s get answered!


The answer for this is just that now we have Firebase Technology, which translates the real-time integration capacity into the apps and then the reviving of app performance and the users are triggered.

Surprised? Yes, this can be done with the integration of the firebase technology within the apps which can revive its working and to enhance the user experience of great performance accompanying innovation. It is an appropriate option to use into the apps as it is embellished with diverse features.

This is not only about it, but there are also a lot more to explore with Firebase Technology and it is discussed further.

Firebase is evidently the best option to be considered for the mobile app development process.


Let’s see why Firebase is a blessing.


It is evident that not a single app can survive in the store without offering the qualitative features to its users. This fact cannot be denied by any of the developers and they try their level best to integrate this within its developed app solution. However, sometimes the developer lacks when it comes to attaining the precise level of quality and in that circumstance, Firebase technology offers expansive opportunities to attain the accurate qualitative features for the app development platform.

At times, there comes a point when the app starts facing a decreasing rate of performance and this leads to the business reputation at stake. With Firebase technology, you can continually keep an eye on your app’s analytics and understand the reason behind the bug, and as soon as you acknowledge this you can resolve it much time before as it reaches to the users and can damage your app’s integrity.

There are numerous reasons that are enough to prove that Firebase Technology opens a floodgate of opportunities for your app which, no doubt, will help in the growth of your business and gives the specific and a robust reason to survive in their respective stores as well as liked by users also.


Easy Notifications to Customers:

Firebase cloud messaging provides us with an opportunity to send and receive notifications to customers without any wrangle. It does not cost anything and can be sent from any device, any location by employing a battery efficient connection.

This means you don’t need to get puzzled to send the push notifications to a particular group of people on the demographic basis, but with the best versions, they can easily resolve the issues to a larger extent.



  • Easy Storage of User-Dedicated Content:

Firebase in endorsed with Google Cloud Storage, which enables developers to store the users’ content efficiently, this can be in multiple forms such as text, video, images and so on. In addition to that, the download process gets effortless and logical without tampering the quality of your app.


  • The Real-Time Database:

Before Firebase came into the technology, synchronization and the storage of the real-time data has never seemed easier. But now, the developers need not to depend upon the backend team in order to get access to the data and to get it accessed without any issue.

It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Web, as it is supported by the SDKs, resolves all such compatibility issues and further help in executing backend code.  In order to develop further amazing features and to optimize the data for offline usage, it gives the feature of storing and synchronizing the data.


  • Secured Hosting Ability:

You can set up a single page, a mobile landing page, web page or a progressive web page with Firebase Hosting without investing much of your efforts. This facet is very easy to use, which allows the developers to experience the quick deployment of the static content and web apps at the Content Delivery System (CDN). Developers can also configure the free SSN certificate for the custom domains and a local directory can be deployed with a single command.


  • Provides Crash Reporting for Bug-Fixing:

If an app gets crashed and if it shows a slow performance rate then there is a high chance it can face criticism. Such experiences usually slow down the app usability factor to a larger extent, if users are facing very slow navigation speed then the users finally end up using any another app without wasting their time on the current one. So, if you don’t want your app to face such terrible experiences, integrate Firebase technology and get the assistance for crash fixing report and fix the bugs at the faster speed easily.


  • Firebase is Authenticated:

App owners are always concerned about the security and try their level best to attain the best possible security measures for their app. However, integrating Firebase your users gets the experience of the extreme level of security while providing the remarkable solutions to secure the emails, passwords and much other functionality within the app.


  • Links Widen your App Reach:

The links existing in Firebase are considered as a blessing in disguise for your mobile app expansion for your app. Extracting more advantages from these links, you can create an option for recommendation to further friends and family members and this obviously leads to the app popularity.