How an Outdated Website can hurt your business?
  • 02 Mar 2019
  • Admin

How an Outdated Website can hurt your business?

In the new era of technology where everything has been through a digital platform a website for your business is a must. But did you ever notice that whether your website is as per the latest technological standards or not. If not, then this blog will help you to understand completely how is it hurting your business.

An outdated or a bad website is much worse than not having a website.

The initial concern is the design when you start maintaining a website for your business. The design gets outdated with time (say 2 or 3 years), and it is not in your concern right now.


There is a human nature that we don’t care for the things we have in our hand and we run behind those we don’t have. But neglecting the design the of an outdated website can cost you much more than you could think.

I won’t make it a much read for you. Let’s make it crisp and short and let you know about the major factors on which it can harm:


1. The speed of the website: In these few years the speed of the website might get affected. The speed in one of the important factors as normal people doesn’t like to wait for more than 3 seconds for a website to load completely.

2. Online Presence: It is obvious that if your website is not as per the latest standards then your business might get affected. SEO is being changed in every span of time and your site needs a change according to that too.

3. Failed Credibility and Attraction: As your website takes too long to open up completely you have taken the first step to hurt your business as people will not wait for long. Once the online presence of the site gets affected due to old SEO techniques and an outdated UX/UI design then your site might hardly attract your audience. If somehow the users come to your website then the credit will not be the same and user will immediately leave the site seeing the old design.

4. Trust Issues: A bad design and trust issue comes hand in hand. As people acknowledge that your website is outdated and not that responsive as per requirement frequently the trust will fall under the line. And very obvious is why will the users trust your website if they have to wait for it to open and cannot get the latest UX/UI design.

5. Sales Decline: A site taking time to load, have low organic reach, attraction failure, trust issues, bad UX/UI design will automatically lead to the declining of sales.


6. Negative publicity towards Online Medium: When you don’t have access to the latest technology, this is obvious to invite critics and post negative comments on all the social platforms.



7. Loose mobile visitors: This is evident that if your website is outdated then it will also not be mobile friendly. And if it is not working efficiently on the mobile then people will get frustrated and will leave the site without purchasing your product or without reaching towards your services. Google does not display non-mobile friendly websites among the top results.



8. Outdated Content: If you have not given a thought towards the recreation of your website then you also not have given any thought about its content either and this can have a big impact on your bottom line. Outdated content can hurt your search rankings too. Pages that are displayed on the top of the Google results might get slipped away with time.

9. Security Issue: Online threats are constantly evolving, and if your site doesn’t get updated then it cannot be protected from latest online vulnerabilities. If your site deals with payment methods or any parameter where the user has to provide some critical information then you must keep it protected by updating the website in all possible manner.


The Final Words will be if you are running a website and even a simple website you need to look into the design issues and the drawbacks of an outdated design. It is the time rethink and recreates your website to attract more audience and increase more purchases.