How Mean Stack Development Can Make Changes to Your App Development
  • 09 Apr 2019
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How Mean Stack Development Can Make Changes to Your App Development

Various technologies are developed to supply services for the increasing demand for mobile and net applications across the world. Among all, MEAN that may be a free and open source JavaScript software-package stack holds excellent importance for developing dynamic web applications and websites.

MEAN stack is one such technology that provides full-stack JavaScript answer that helps you build quick, sturdy and reparable production online applications exploitation MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.JS.


What will it mean to be a MEAN Stack developer? A MEAN stack developer uses the MEAN Stack that is:

MEAN may be a lot of trendy stack challenging the LAMP stack. It’s entirely JavaScript-powered, too, so makes it time and money-saver for firms that have already got JavaScript execs writing client-side code. It includes the MongoDB (database system), Express.js (back-end web framework) the AngularJS (front-end framework), Node.js (back-end runtime environment). It offers flexibility and plenty of options for building single- and multi-page net applications.


M: MongoDB-

MongoDB may be a cross-platform document-oriented information-classified as a NoSQL database that eschews the normal table-based electronic database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemes.


  1. Fast NoSQL schema-less code written in C++
  2. Document-Oriented Storage
  3. JSON vogue documents with dynamic schemas
  4. Full Index support obtainable
  5. MongoDB is Lightning quick and Auto-sharding
  6. You can perform big queries, will produce on the fly indexes with one command


E: ExpressJS-

ExpressJS may be a lowest and versatile node.js net application framework, providing a strong set of options for building single and multi-page, and hybrid net applications.


  1. Node JS primarily based web framework
  2. Based on connecting middleware
  3. Easy to implement REST API
  4. Easy to implement session management
  5. Support many templets rendering engines
  6. Implements MVC Pattern
  7. Express permits to line up middleware to reply to HTTP Requests
  8. Defines a routing table that is employed to perform the various action supported protocol methodology and URL.
  9. Allows to dynamically render mark-up language pages supported Passing arguments to templates.
  10. Regardless of quality, there ought to be only a few roadblocks if you recognize JavaScript well
  11. Supports concurrency well
  12. Fast and performances are comparable Golang small frameworks and Elixir Phoenix


A: AngularJS-

AngularJs is Associate inbuilt open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, that assists with running single-page applications. Its goal is to enhance browser-based applications with model-view-controller (MVC) capability, in an endeavor to form each development and testing easier.


  1. A JavaScript framework developed by Google
  2. Based on Model-View Pattern(client-side)
  3. Declarative Programming and directives are integrated with mark-up language directly
  4. Great for Front-end development particularly for SPA (Single Page Applications) and mobile applications
  5. Very standard Associate in extensile makes testing an ease
  6. Fast development method
  7. Makes Apps scalable
  8. Awesome Performance


N: Node JS-

Node.js may be a platform engineered on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for simply building quick, scalable network applications. Node.js uses Associate in Nursing event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that produces it light-weight and economical, good for the data-intensive period of time applications that meet distributed devices.


  1. Can simply handle 10k synchronic connections and doesn’t have any issues with concurrency.
  2. Easily scalable that simply produce the cluster.
  3. The in less time development method.
  4. Node JS have ever-growing NPM
  5. Real-time web apps


Here, we are going to discuss a number of the benefits of MEAN stack which will summarize its potential and facilitate developers to grasp on why they ought to be exploitation it on their mobile apps and websites.


1. MEAN authorize isomorphs Coding:

Isomorphic cryptography authorizes running a code written inside one framework on alternative frameworks while not abundant alters to the first code. Moving the code to a different framework that's written in one explicit framework is formed easier with the assistance of MEAN stack. MEAN permits transferring the code between frameworks. this is often wherever MEAN stack development is prior to the remainder of the event pack.


2. MEAN uses JSON everywhere:

Both the AngularJS and Node.js framework uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). MEAN stack uses JSON because of the format for data-interchange on all the layers. So, there's no got to use libraries for changing information throughout a client-side and server-side interaction. At Volan Software & Technologies we regularly render MEAN Stack development services across the app and web development comes.


3. MEAN is Open supply and Cloud Compatible:

All the MEAN stack technologies are open supply and obtainable at no cost. It lowers development value and helps the event procedures exploitation helpful libraries and public repositories obtainable at no cost on the online. At Amar Infotech, we have a tendency to raise our repositories and libraries develop and maintained underneath the direction of competent hands. Our knowledgeable about MEAN Stack developers greatly contribute to it information resource In case your project needs to implement cloud services inside the mobile app, MongoDB may be a nice choice to opt for. MongoDB was engineered specifically to form it straightforward to host the online applications onto the cloud. It additionally brings in Associate in Nursing ease in performing arts tasks like testing and maintaining.


4. MEAN is value effective:

Developing web apps with MEAN stack desires developers who are consultants at JavaScript, whereas LAMP stack desires developers who are professional in MySQL, JavaScript, and PHP. It uses one language throughout, which implies that an organization doesn't have to be compelled to rent totally different specialists.


5. Quicker speed and usefulness

All the MEAN technologies have quicker speed and usefulness. Node.js is fast and ascendible owing to its non-blocking design. Angular.js is Associate in building open supply JavaScript framework that has maintenance, testability, and reusability.


6. Use of JavaScript throughout the project makes the code isomorphic

MEAN permits frameworks to transfer between totally different frameworks. If we have a tendency to write the code in an exceedingly specific framework so arrange to shift it to a different, it may be done thus effortlessly and can operate within the very same method. JavaScript is one amongst the foremost in style languages within the world with varied blessings. If you write code for Node & decide it’s higher placed in AngularJS, you'll move it over with ease. this is often the rationale why MEAN primarily based net apps are versatile to code.


7. Straightforward Switch Between client & Server

MEAN is straightforward and quick as a result of everything is written in one language. As a result, it's quite straightforward to modify between shopper and server.


8. Single Language Development

The most obvious profit is that the whole code for the event is written in JavaScript. this could be a blessing for developers who would have endowed their time and cash in learning the language from scratch.


9. Time-Saving

When you got to develop Associate in building application inside restricted timelines, then MEAN is that the thanks to going. it's Associate in Nursing infinite set of module libraries for Node.js that are prepared to be used. It provides you longer to shine your project just right. except for this technology saving time, it ends up in the event of quality first applications.


10. Ease to be told

It is pretty straightforward to be told and versatile to know, perceive and implement throughout development.



In the end, MEAN may be a full stack, JavaScript, web application framework. If you need a quick, easy, easy thanks to producing a contemporary, responsive, dynamic information processing system and app the MEAN would be an excellent answer.