Navigate With Technology – The VPS Story!!!
  • 09 Jul 2019
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Navigate With Technology – The VPS Story!!!

There was a time when we all depended on a passerby to seek any location while trying to arrive not-so-known place or destination. Then, the new era come!! We can ask the person sitting next to us, check out the GPS and confirm whether we are going in the right direction? By just simply putting the destination name and just follow the route.


In the past few years, such innovation in technology has changed the way of navigation. It provides so much of ease and comfort with no or less dependency, slowly ending up as a habit. Google is the fore-father of navigation industry; constantly make efforts to improvise navigation services. In an endeavor to render better broad coverage with up-to-date information to users, the navigation service giant is working hard to bring new tech advancements. One such technology which is being experimented is "Visual Positioning System”.


Google has announced a revamped version of Maps which utilizes a complex visual positioning system to offer improved navigation. VPS, a way for folks to avoid getting lost when out or about. Instead of craning over your phone and hoping you're in the same direction as the blue GPS dot, the camera will look out at your surroundings and work it out for you. Meanwhile, the smaller version of traditional Maps will be displayed on the lower half of the screen of mobile phones. Additionally, the demo showed that panning the camera over the streets would automatically highlight your interest areas nearby, i.e. such as – cafes or retailing stores.


Basically, the new visual system in Google Maps can also use when your GPS is not enough, the newly coined Visual Positioning System feature. It uses your phone’s camera and extensive back-end data of Google so as to determine surroundings to assess your current location with maximum accuracy.


VPS uses your phone camera and Google’s extensive back-end data in order to assess surroundings nearby. Then, it identifies where you are and where you want to go with greater accuracy. It also overlaps Augmented Reality so as to gain additional information, not just navigation directions. Likewise- it allows the camera to detect location based on nearby signboards, shops, etc. and then provide guidance to the path for the journey. The advantage of Visual Positioning System is for those who have experienced loss of GPS densely populated areas.  By using this, Google Maps can still discover your current location and provide proper direction of view.



The Visual Positioning System is assumed to be more accurate and effective than GPS as it is designed to overcome the challenge of GPS. Basically, the technology is useful in urban areas where GPS is often blocked by skyscrapers.


In fact, VPS is valued at USD 5.35 billion in 2018 and predicted to reach USD 10.47 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 10.7% across the forecast period. Most of the companies have come to invest in this technology, scape technologies raised $8 billion in seed funding for further development of Visual Positioning Services. Developers are trying to bring AI (artificial intelligence) for camera devices as they can easily find out nearby surroundings.


Google additionally admitted that it had toyed with AR (Augmented reality) that will see a cartoon avatar guide you around a town. For instance - it had been a cel-shaded fox that you simply have to be compelled to follow around till you have reached your destination.


Google’s senior director, said that  “just for fun,” the Maps team has also been experimenting with a digital avatar that can help further guide users, with a cartoon fox shown off as an example.

Fill out your Google business profile.

VPS is a new technology but businesses are intended to look at the ways to help customers to get in their front doors. Search for your business on Google and see what comes up, it would be great to mention the city name behind the name of the business in the search query. If your business profile is completed, you should see these items, such as – name of the business, address, logo or images, phone number, social media profile, website link, hours and reviews. Often, Google filled out this information automatically from the website and other sources as well. However, as if any information is missing then you can take advantage of "Google My Business" so as to add or modify any kind of information.


Why it is important? Because the information individuals see regarding your business on Google’s VPS service is based on the information submitted here.

The combination of VPS and AR can revolutionize a host of industries, which-

  • Shopping and Retail- Retailing companies can use acquire this technology to point customers on specific parts of a store, for e.g. to highlight particular product offerings in a particular aisle. With this, they can also add live promotional AR content on specific places, such as – displaying reviews on the entrance of the restaurant.
  • Entertainment and Gamification- The technology can be used to make AR treasure hunts and games more interesting or engaging, cause items can be placed at exact locations to maximize user’s experience and enjoyment within surroundings.
  • Tourism- It can boost up AR tours of tourist attractions with a virtual guide and increase AR entertainment for wide concert spaces and sports stadiums.



Mass Market Mapping

Amidst robust competition from freelance corporations like Ubiquity6, Google declared a brand new Cloud Anchors feature in ARCore 1.2. This represents a preliminary sort of absolutely realized VPS, exploitation domestically captured pictures as critical a centralized information. However, the race to ascertain VPS infrastructure on a worldwide scale and offload complicated image process tasks to the cloud continues to be on. Competitor Fantasmo is angling to make a VPS information that democratizes the map creation method. By permitting free access to imaging knowledge for public areas and handing property homeowners’ total management of interior maps, the corporate hopes to produce an additional appealing variously to Google's centralized approach.


Therefore, with such technological evolutions, the services offerings are expected to be more virtual, customized and augmented for each people. We are curious to see what the future will unfold for us in the world of the new navigation tech industry.