Reasons to choose Angular JavaScript for web development
  • 17 Jan 2020
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Reasons to choose Angular JavaScript for web development

In the era of eCommerce, corporate associations are keen to make an impact online. This has made a huge demand for web developers like never before. According to statistics, more than 876 million websites in the world and the count is still increasing. There are many platforms available for web development in the market. The point is to choose the right amongst the available. AngularJS was born in 2009, and since its inception, it is created some ripples in the market. AngularJS is an open-source web application framework that revolves around HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (JavaScript).

AngularJS is the JavaScript-based front-end framework. Comparatively, Angular is TypeScript based web application framework and a complete rewrite of AngularJS. It was developed by dedicated developers from Google in order to make easier the process for front-end development. It is hard to imagine the development of modern single-page applications without AngularJS that assist developers to establish most architecture and manageable applications. Therefore, AngularJS is termed as the next big thing for developing web applications.


Where AngularJS is used widely?

The Angular framework will let the developer build complex applications for mobile and web platforms. There are ample of features which make the app unique when compared with other frameworks.  


  1. Templating
  2. Dependency injection
  3. Two-way data binding
  4. Support for MVC
  5. Restful API
  6. Form validation


Due to the above features like Dependency injections and two-way data binding allows you to directly formulate engaging and visually extraordinary applications that would contrarily take months of advancement time if you adopted vanilla JS and JQuery.



If you haven’t tried your hand yet, it is not late to start. Through this blog, I would like to make you understand to try this reliable and fast framework of JavaScript that ease your development process. Following is given myriads benefits with AngularJS but the listed ones are admired the most by developers-


Let’s starts with the basic concepts

The open-source framework, not a library allows creating a hip and handy single-page applications (SPAs). After its launch in 2009, AngularJS has swiftly gained huge popularity and is not going to lose its ground. Indeed, it is the most popular and effective JavaScript Framework by holding first place on GitHub by forks and stars for a long time.


1. Supported by Google 

It is supported and managed by skilled Google Programmers. Initially, hobbyists developed an open-source community as AngularJS. Due to its ongoing community and passion of developers forged it into the framework. It represents, a large community of developers is assigned to assist you with AngularJs problems.


2. MVC Design Pattern 

It employs an MVC design model for creating an application. The MVC architecture is being widely acquired nowadays as it guarantees the app advancement into three different layers that can be implemented with three extra layers. MVC (Model view controller involves – maintains the data, the view is accountable for displaying the data and the controller performs as a bridge for the establishment of a connection between view and model.



3. Wider community 

AngularJS is built and maintained by dedicated (Google+, Reddit) high qualified and skilled engineers. It includes both members of the core development team and those who just stopped by to make some fixes or suggest a few improvements for an open-source framework. Conferences devoted to AngularJS are held worldwide; it is discussed at hackathons and in various IT communities. There are many books and online resources on AngularJS for the developer. It means, you are not part of a huge open-source community, but you will be associated with shrewd engineers to assist you with your Angular answers.


4. Lesser Code 

 In Angular, developers don’t have to write their own MVC pipeline. The view is defined using HTML. Data models can be written without getter-setter methods. Data-binding doesn’t require a developer to put data into the view manually. Another team can write directives in parallel with minimal integration efforts at last since directives are separate from app code. Using filters, developers can manipulate data on the view level without making any change in the controller. This all results in less amount of code, which is surely a big deal.



5. Context-aware communication 

A PubSub system is a collaborative approach which permits to build decoupled interaction. Most PubSub executions on the internet are not contexted conscious. A few times you require a PubSub text or data in order to be decipherable only by kids of a specific node or only decipherable by the descendants of a special kid. In addition to this, sometimes people do not wish to separate MVC segments to be viewing your text messages or data. Thus, the AngularJS PubSub system is exactly that, Emit () will transfer a text to all ancestors while broadcast () will throw a text message to all kids controllers. In short, you can develop a context-aware communication system using it.




6. Responsive Single Page Applications and AJAX

The primary utilization of AngularJS is in creating SPAs (single page applications). SPAs is a class of app that is having a single HTML page and the content page is actively renewed on the basis of UI utilizing AJAX; it indicates that there are no various single tours to central the server. In addition to this, the maximum part of operation processing occurs at the user end through JS. It enables us to create responsive web apps that are hewed in order to amputate on all platforms, be it a tablet, laptop, and mobile application. The website will be interpreted judiciously dependent on the platform, we are locating. It can be obtained by customized CSS hence, web apps appeared fabulous on any machine.


As per the growing needs of web applications, the framework of AngularJS development services is enhancing momentum to an extensive level. It is the most preferred framework choice of all highly experienced and well-reputed web developers, doesn’t matter whether they’re beginners and having huge experience in providing top class web development services. With the assistance of AngularJS, web developers are allowed to quickly and effortlessly create a web application.