Reasons: Why your Business needs a Mobile-First Strategy?
  • 11 Nov 2019
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Reasons: Why your Business needs a Mobile-First Strategy?

Life on this planet has become increasingly mobile. From the way we communicate and learn to the way to do business, we have come to rely on smartphones for managing our finances, health, relationships and even well-being. This has led to certain major alters in such long-established industries, i.e. retail, travel and IT. There are various apps in the app store which allows people to access anything at any given time. There is no limitation on the access and installation of these apps.


As these apps have made life so easier for people, the enterprise apps are there to provide solutions to companies. Nowadays, most of the companies are intending to investing in app-developments, there are several business organizations are also putting lots of money for development of enterprise app development and enjoy the benefits.


Enterprise App Development helps in simplifying complex structures and streamlining things for a business. It emphasizes on developing enterprise mobile apps. The process starts when development team or a developer make app for the business which assists to promote a connection between development team and the company. Enterprise app sort outs and streamlined the process including reporting and effective communication. It leads in better quality work and healthy workplace communication between various departments of the company. It supports to build collaboration between distinct departments so as to smooth functioning of the organization.

If you haven’t integrated mobile into your business, let’s understand the top 5 reasons why and how mobile-first strategy can hinder your business:


1. 24 x 7 availability

“In business everyone is out to grab, to fight or to win. Either you are the under or over the dog; it is up to you to be on top”. Let’s admit it, businesses are intended to gain profit and also satisfy the customers. At VolanSoft (, we strongly go to by mantra of “we win when our customers win”. So for any business organization, “it is highly crucial to be in regular touch with the customers, communicate with them even on the move. It is only can be possible when you satisfy your customers’ that company can shine.

If you want customers to reach out your web content anytime anywhere, then your business should be on the mobile. In this way, you can be in touch with your consumers or clients 24 x 7; it drives more customer engagement. Nowadays, smart to large corporations understand the real potential of mobile first strategy of their business. Mobile users’ want personal, fast, smooth and content rich experience, that’s the prime agenda of a mobile-first approach for any company.



2. Mobile users are more than desktop users

How many of us access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. on desktop? According to an article in Forbes, 90% of social media users accessed these sites or app on mobile devices. From finding houses, booking hotels to tracking health, today we can’t imagine doing anything without cellular phones. In fact, if there is something we can’t do on our mobile phones, we tend to get agitated. Mobile is the future of everything. In 2015, Google confirmed for the first time that mobile searches top desktop; it clearly indicates that users’ prefer mobile phones over desktop for searches or any other activity. In India, mobile internet use might cross the 500 million mark by 2019, an up from 200 million users at present.


3.Easy sharing

Most of the people confuse themselves between mobile-friendly websites and mobile-apps. Though, it might look similar, there are major variances too. An application needs you to download it in mobile, while a mobile website is a compatible version of desktop website with all the key features and you can access it easily from your mobile. Furthermore, it is easier to share content from mobile friendly website rather than of a website. An app occupies space and user tends to delete it; however you cannot delete a mobile website and can refer it whenever it requires.




4.Better customer experience and ease of use

61% of customers’ who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site. This can be detrimental for your business. Today, clients like everything fingertips and with plenty of options openly floating in market, they are not ready to wait.

While designing a mobile site, we should keep in mind what can and cannot be on the mobile version of the site. Also, navigation options are minimized for the smaller screen size of the mobile phones and site loading time is also minimal as compared to a desktop version. It makes screen less cluttered and hence mobile site raises customers’ experience and build an Omni-channel marketing of your services too.


5.More avenues for revenues

Mark Zuckerberg, in an interview sighted three strong reasons why mobile was Facebook’s future. For one, there are more mobile users. Second they’re spending more time on it…. and third, we can have better advertising on mobile, make more money”, as Zuckerberg had said. According to a forecast in 2017, mobile ad is way in digital ad spending space. It will account for 63.3% of digital and 24.3% of total media and spending. Also, the predictions indicate that by 2021, mobile ad spending will grow to a 77.1% share of digital and 37.1% of total media ad investments.

Also, 71% of smartphone users who watch an interesting ad on TV, newspaper or on the mobile immediately search for the same on the smart device. What do these figures mean? It means if your business acquire mobile-first strategy then you can get various revenue channels. Today, mobile apps are an abundant source to monetize.