Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its Tools : An Important Technology in 2019
  • 10 Jun 2019
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its Tools : An Important Technology in 2019

The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows organizations to automate tasks as same as a human being doing them over applications and systems. It deals with the IT infrastructure of the complex without the integration of a complex system. In software development companies, the system is acquired to automate workflow, back office process, and infrastructure that are labor intensive. However, these application bots enable to linked with an in-house application, user portal, and website, etc. The RPA software program runs end user’s PC, laptop and mobile device; this series of the command executed by Bots under some defined sets of business rules.


The prime goal of Robotics process automation to replace boring or repetitious clerical task performed by employees with the assistance of a virtual workforce. The system does not require emergent of codes nor having direct access to database or code of database applications. RPA is one of the most important technology in 2019 for successful development. 


Why Robotic Process Automation -

Due to the ever-changing business environment, it is essential for a corporation association to constantly evolve its product, marketing, sales, etc. in order to process to grow or remain relevant. RPS process is also acquired to get rid out from technical issues; it allows organizations to hire human workforce in order to fill the bridge between processes and systems. For instance - a company applied changes in the sales process, for that 50% advanced is much needed to confirm the booking of its products.


A business enterprise acquires distinct and disconnected IT systems in order to run its operations. With an aim to change business processes, it is impossible to change IT systems; so in this sense RPA allows businesses to frequently implement changes and reduce complexity issues.


In this blog of VolanSoft, we’re going to present 7 best RPA tools in 2019, such as -


1. ANOTHER MONDAY - This tool offers an entire automation Ensemble which covers automation journey of an organization from end to end. The automation process analysis through their new tool, i.e. AM Muse; it can be exported effectively to AM Composer with its intuitive Drag&Drop implementation interface. In addition to this, Unique Split&Pull infrastructure is also acquired to maximize scalability and effectiveness. In other words, Another Monday enables centralized and straightforward management within the organization.


Features -

  • Drag&Drop workflow configuration; it means no requirements of developer needed.
  • Automatic documentation of process logic with AM Muse.
  • Facilitates task transparency and unique abilities to pull task.


2. LINX - Linx is a no-code RPA platform which ensures vast development and deployment of automated tasks or processes. The tool offers no-code IDE designer which boost up development and hosted server for fast, 1-click deployment and no fuss.



  • Hosted cloud service for hassle-free development
  • Easy to use and drop IDE designer.
  • 100+ Pre-built components for programming functions, services, actions, and automation.
  • Create, host and consume SOAP or REST APIs.
  • It can easily integrate with SaaS tools, ODBC, legacy system and any OLE DB and NoSQL databases.
  • Trigger automation with timers, incoming message queues, and API calls.
  • Typically 5x faster, it assists to automate a task in comparison with traditional software development.


3. Automai - Using Automai RPA is beneficial to streamline your business practices, it enables to reduce time and errors as well. In addition to this, Robotic Automation Platform allows managers’ to use the same scenario of automation in order to use the life cycle of all applications within business practices. It provides the benefits of a single platform for making automated robot testing, a robotic virtual workforce, and robotic monitoring.



  • Saving training and implementation cost.
  • Completely code-less - extremely intuitive scenario builder using the recorder and user actions.
  • One platform in order to serve the automation needs of your business, operations and development teams.
  • Vouch to work within all environments of businesses, likewise - from Citrix, too a fat client, to web applications.

4. Blue Prism - This tool of Robotic Process Automation tool assists business operations to be cost-effective and agile through automating, rule or manual based repetitive office processes. Blue Prism enables to provide a flow chart like a designer with drag and drop feature in order to automate several business processes.


Features -

  • This tool doesn’t require programming skills to execute.
  • Improvise control room to offer real-time feedback.
  • Robust and rich in features analytic suite.
  • Can be implied easily in a minimal time of span, i.e. 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Improved control room to offer real-time feedback.


5. Rapise - It renders support for hybrid business scenarios. Rapise enables to automate web, mobile applications, and desktop; it means the tool is friendly for both, i.e. developers and non-developers. Rapise is an on-premise solution and beneficial for small and medium organizations. Furthermore, the software will help you to test all processes, APIS, and mobile desktops; it not even evaluate but also understand. This thing supports you to manage all tests spanning different technologies at once. In the context for everyone, use Rapise so that anyone can automate; it keeps tracks all your tests then allows you to edit them in the easy to use spreadsheet-based editor. Furthermore, you can also dig into the JavaScript-based engine that’s a breeze to enhance.


Features -

  • Provides special support for Microsoft Dynamics applications.
  • Record and play functionally
  • Supports automation projects of any size
  • Web & Desktop automation; web and screen scraping
  • Record and play functionality.


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6. UiPath - UiPath focuses on providing all core capabilities which also reinforce Citrix. The tool is user-friendly especially for non-developers also. It is able to handle complex working processes as well as be fitted for all type of business organization. Along with this, for small teams or individuals, UIPath renders the community edition which is totally free. UiPath enterprise RPA - Contact them for pricing details.


Features -

  • It enables to manage all processes of any number, even irrespective of its complexity.
  • UiPath renders an open platform
  • It offers security through managing credentials, access controls and delivers encryption based on the role
  • It automates faster, eight to ten times faster automation through Citrix too.


7. Foxtrot - Foxtrot By Enable Soft is a quicker medium of creating and running automated tasks for your organization. It renders immense easiest tools that automate tasks in a couple of hours and days as well instead of months and weeks.



  • The easiest method to develop and run automated tasks
  • Formatted for business users rather than technical experts
  • Extensive library activities aid to create effective automation.