Top 10 programming languages for successful development in 2019
  • 10 May 2019
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Top 10 programming languages for successful development in 2019

If you are a newbie in the field of software development, undoubtedly the very first question clicks in your mind is “Where to start”? In the era of technological advancement, hundreds of options available you’ve to pick out among them, but how you will identify the best one? Which one will be most appropriate and highly matched with your interests and career goals. As if one wants to develop a mobile application or certified with having knowledge of programming language or even learn new skills, the person should opt right programming language.


As per my experience, the most obvious way to pick the foremost programming language is to look out market tech trend. Being a developer, vital to know which languages are in demand, as these are languages which will power or resolve tomorrow’s app issues.


Selection of right coding language would make projects more agreeable, means it led you to achieve more, work more imperatively and avoiding major roadblocks occurs due to incompatibility of work what you are trying to create.

Moving down, in this blog, you’ll get insight some most demanding programming languages for mobile development, web development, game development, and others.


I hope at the end you’ll have a clear picture of which programming language boost up your career in the forthcoming time period and beyond that.

Let’s dive in..

1. JavaScript - Being one of the most-demanding programming languages of 2019 and beyond, Java-Script grasp first position in this list. In the annual survey of 2018, almost 68% of developers apply to learn this language as it will lead them to build interactive web pages, exhibit dynamic content and facilitates the transition from web to mobile. In today’s scenario, it seems impossible to be a software developer without knowing JavaScript as the language plays a vital role in front-end development. Even, most of the social media platforms believe that JavaScript renders the easiest way to create interactive web pages and is career driven.


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2. Python - You’d be shocked, Why I have kept Python on number #2 because results present that it is positioned on number #5. but, I’ll definitely let you believe, what’s the reason? For general purpose, Python is a user-friendly language which is having an open-source and come into existence in the past few years. It has the “object-based” subset that is somewhere similar to JavaScript. Many popular social media applications, i.e. Instagram, Reddit, and Youtube have been built by Python. Moreover, it is also suitable for 3D rendering, web development and scientific computing which is going to be more rigorous in the future.



3. Java - I’ve put this language on the 3rd number, one sentence is suitable at this place, “write once, run everywhere”. Java has been rolling over other programming languages for 20 years. It is overviewed that Java objects carry no reference to data external to themselves. Java is simpler than C++ as it uses memory allocation. It forms the base for the Android Operating System and has opted by 90% of companies to manage a variety of their back-end operations.


4. C/CPP - We’ve been hearing that “Old is Gold” - C has proved this statement. Being launched in the late 1970s, C has made a vital grant programming world. More we can say, it is a parent language, some others are also derived or inspired from C, including Java, C# and Objective-C. Origins of developments are Virtual Reality, Computer graphics, and Gaming, etc.


5. PHP - The dope may amaze you, the language was developed with an aim of maintaining Personalized Home Page for Rasmus, but by today it has actually led across 83% of websites worldwide. Basically, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and generally used for creating written web pages in HTML.


6. Swift - Next on this list is Swift; as mild as its name Swift is open-source and acquiesce programming language. It was developed by Apple Inc., so if you’re thinking to develop native apps, iOS or MAC OS then Swift is a barely required for this purpose. I would like to say that somewhere Swift is influenced by Python and Ruby, although it is considered to be more secure, easier and faster to debug and read in comparison with its predecessor Objective-C.


7. C# (c-sharp)- Microsoft, the software giant has introduced this language in 2000 for improving the desktop application, i.e. mostly Windows 8/10 applications. C# required .NET framework to function smoothly. Users can easily find errors via C# and it is a logically typed language where the code is checked before putting it into any software or application. In general words, C# is appropriate for developing and improving web application, desktop application, also proven itself in solutions of VR, 2D, and 3D gaming.


8. Ruby - A charismatic programming language, emphasized on output and simplicity, founded in 1990, Japan. Ruby was created by keeping in mind to simplify the programming environment and make it more fun. It came into existence by Rails Framework, a full-stack web framework. It provides you an opportunity to build an application by using less line of code. Although, it is not as easy as you think to retain its flexibility and make it’s slow at the same time.


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9. Objective-C - The object-oriented programming language firstly used by Apple for its iOS and OS X operating system and their APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Objective-C was evolved in the 1980s and usage by the earliest operating system. You can call it hybrid C because of the features it adds to the C programming language.


10. SQL - It stands for Structured Query Language that intends to operate the database. SQL encompasses storing, retrieving and manipulating information kept in relational databases. It enables you to preserve and precise data as well as also assist in coping the integrity of databases and their irrespectively as well.


Wrapping Up!!

Since past decades, Software industry changes with new releases and updates. What’s the best programming language; it is hard to select. If you beginning a career as developed, it’s totally up to your interest level which best suits for you.