Trends of Social Media Marketing to Follow in 2019
  • 20 Jun 2019
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Trends of Social Media Marketing to Follow in 2019

At present, the landscape of social media is changing at a fast pace so it is mandatory to keep up with the latest trends so as to ensure that your business strategy is still successful. It is the best time to review your social media marketing strategy to address what needs to be improved.


Having actively present on social media sites affects the market competitiveness of a business organization. More so, you need to invest in the current social media trends to follow as it will impact your digital advertising. To come up with your upcoming social media strategy, as a manager you must be conversant to the social media trends of the day. Otherwise, your campaigns will attract less to zero traffic.


In last year, all we saw gamified social media apps, augmented reality and even personalized experience over trends took over the floor.


But the case in the year 2019, companies will be not as profitable as if they don’t keep up with the pace. So, its time to upgrade social media strategy. Here is a closer look at the key trends of social media and how they are going to affect the corporate industry in 2019.


  1. Engagement is more important than ever
  • In 2018, Facebook declared that the entire focus will on meaningful interactions as it’s a part of their updated algorithms. It means that the algorithm started affirmative content which glints veritable conversation which enables to inspire several Page Managers as they can create more effective or engaging content. According to research, the only way to achieve the aim for content is interesting, engaging, appealing. Now, Algorithms will become smarter so you cannot use any short cut in order to make a genuine engagement. Not sufficient anymore to make people to like, comment and share your posts, social media platforms are trying to cut down bait tools of engagement. The risk of losing existing reach would increase.

    Thus, it is the time to stop cheating and adopt a fair engagement strategy for every channel to widely reaching to your followers.


  1. AI and customer service
  • In this modern era, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming crucial for social media monitoring. These technologies work behind the scenes in order to enable tracking at social media sites. It is one of the most important trends because most of the businesses seek to complete in intensified competition. Significance of AI lies in the fact that algorithms make AI enable to manage hurdles which emerge with messy data sets; which is totally beyond human capacity. In addition to this, AI has the capacity to provide critical insights to social media, it enables to match the favorite topics and trends. AI approach encompasses matching social media monitoring, likes, share, and other activities. Hence, these monitoring social media platforms will deliver an accurate and complete view of specific topics you’re following. It allows people to customize categories and run the analysis at a larger scale.


  1. Social media for sales enablement
  • Social media sites are already playing a vital role in the phase of product discovery for customers. Brands are continuously promoting their products via social channels, it returns customers’ can easily reach out and finding of them before making any purchasing decision. So, I would like to say that social media isn’t anymore just about awareness and engagement, but it is heading towards sales enablement and consideration the business funnel.

    According to a report of Internet Trends 2018, 55% of respondents discovered products from social media proceed to purchase it later on. In which, Facebook seems to be the very first platform where people find out new products, with following up Pinterest and Instagram. As an entrepreneur, if you’re looking to improve your sales then it would be a great opportunity for you. Moreover, you don’t need a sales pitch to convince people to trust you. It will surely increase your sales and profitability.


  1. Influencer marketing and the rise of micro-influencers
  • Call them micro influencers or trendsetters, connecting with social media influencers is the best social media strategy to follow. It has been analyzed that influencers have a vast impact on audiences’ purchasing decision and lifestyle. For this, you can enter into a business partnership with niche influencer as per their area of specialization which makes you align with your brand. As if you’re a start-up company, big influencers may be more expensive for you but you can contact macro-influencers. Although these macro influencers aren’t outreach of famous celebrities they ensure to increase the number of followers. Even, in the marketing world influencers are also seeking partnership with their matches, could possibly for the last longer. Thus, it is one of the great social media trends which you can implement in your business to enhance your market reach.


  1. Stories, stories, stories
  • At present, stories appear everywhere! Visual content in all formats usually last longer for 24 hours came from Snapchat and soon it is copied by all social media sites, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. It has turned into a global trend for folks of all ages. There are immense people like more than 400 million people posting stories on Insta on a regular basis, even Facebook has integrated its stories with Instagram. You can draw or create your own stories for your website, blog or even for new products. If you have 10k+ followers then you too can add link button on stories as people can easily reach to your product or service.


  1. Messenger & Chatbots
  • Direct messages is the most powerful communication channel. And in past decades, brands are more likely to been engaging with people via DMs on social media sites. The trend is dominating social media strategy of companies because now individuals are coming beyond from public posts, instead of this, they’re preferring private messaging. Personal messaging and chatboxes is the best way to know your customers’ needs or demands as well as taking feedback from them.


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  1. The Year of LinkedIn
  • Presently, LinkedIn is not fully leveraged by marketers, but in the last year, LinkedIn influencers have been raised and connected their products to Bing. This social media platform is emerging and moving towards becoming an informative business content of sharing and connecting nurturing network. They are applying fascinated features for smaller demographics to start using the network as same as they were heading into education or entering the workforce.


  1. Transparency wins
  • We all are known that social media platforms are constantly growing every year- in fact, Facebook has billions of active users each month. In 2018 and 2019, trust and transparency have become the central point of social media activities. GDPR has brought new laws or rules with more authenticity to customers. This has marked a huge wallop on paid reach over social media platforms. Breach of consumer privacy and the use of consumer data without consent could spell hassle. Hence, brands will be expected to grab explicit consent for the collection of clients’ data. Hence, establishing a strong relationship with customers on the ground of trust, authenticity, and transparency will be a social media trend.

    In order to be authenticated, UGC (user generated content) is the best way to generate users’ engagement, Airbnb is the live example of this. The brand publishes only User Generated Content and presently AirBnB’s market running smoothly.



  1. Videos, podcasts, and live streaming
  • According to research, 97% of marketers say that videos and podcasts are really beneficial for them in terms of widening users’ understanding of their product & service. 76% indicated that it has aided in raising web traffic and sales; with their opinion, it doesn’t seem far-fetched that 95% of people will learn about a product by watching videos. Apart from this, live streaming is also a big trend of social media that is available now at various platforms. Here, brands become into publishers and users turns into broadcasters in order to come more closer to their customers.


  1. AR to become more mainstream
  • Augmented reality entails to an interactive experience developed with artificially generated, perceptual information. The Pokemon game is the best example of AR which took the world by storm. AR is already an important part of social media used in filters and lenses of stories. In the upcoming period, you will see that Augmented Reality will take to a new experience to customers as it will render people with a buy and try experience throughout the virtual showroom. Facebook is greatly investing in AR, an attempt to dominate the field, here the ultimate goal is to keep users connected with the platform, while brands can capitalize on the trend by watching improving customer satisfaction.


    All these trends mean that social media marketing is going ahead at a fast pace, it's more focus is on ROI, new innovations or technologies and building up a trusting relationship with the brand and target audiences. There is one and only way to hold up in-between data breaches, new platforms, and emerging technologies is to ensure that you have:


  • Good understanding of audiences.
  • Allocate time and budget to new tools and technologies
  • Review your social media marketing strategy
  • Do your best to build trust with users in every campaign
  • Keep the emphasis on what will work.